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    Federico Sicilia is the Founder and Director of PROfessional Price Action Course iCanTrade. In English and in Spanish

    From today, we hope him to become your mentor in this wonderful Forex trading world. If you have any questions, please fill the form up to contact Federico Sicilia.

    Federico Sicilia Bio

    Since 1998 at a very tender age, his interest for the world of investment woke after a quick visit to the stock exchange in Valencia, Spain (Bolsa de Valencia). Since then, he is an avid reader of all kind of books and publications related to investments, trading and financial freedom. Today, after tedious efforts, he is a professional and successful trader. It was not an easy journey and he had to perform different odd jobs in multiple industries such as; exporting used cars from Japan, selling heavy machinery, health insurance policies, organising conferences and events in Africa or multiple customer-service-type jobs. Federico is the author of multiple trading and price action guides. His articles are available globally in several publications in both languages: English and Spanish.

    Price Action PROfesional Course

    Price Action PROfesional Course iCanTrade is the result of compiling knowledge and articles for more than 20 years as a retail private trader. Now put at disposal of the general public in an ordered manner. Written with the aim of making it easy to understand to all, regardless of your education level or background. You will be able to understand and learn to trade the Forex market the easiest way. Get more information about Federico Sicilia Price Action course here.

    Articles and Forex Trading Strategies

    You can access now to multiple articles about trading strategies and Forex trading articles to know more about price action and the opportunities it offers you. Furthermore, Federico Sicilia’s forex dictionary will help you understand these complicated concepts that kept you away from investing, until today.

    Forex Weekly Analysis

    Federico Sicilia analysis his favourite pairs weekly and his analysis is shared among his students. If you are not registered yet, you still can access to the short version and start benefiting from this knowledge. The analysis consists in a vision, from the Price Action perspective, of EUR/USD, GBP/USD, XAU/USD, WTI or S&P500 pairs among others. Take a look from here Weekly Forex Analysis.

    Selection of a broker

    We are aware of the numerous brokers and other type of so called Companies impersonating serious financial institutions. Typically with attractive promotions, bonuses, sponsoring sports events… The reality is, as a consumer/user, your worry should be where your money is. In case of bankruptcy, what your chances would be to get your funds back? In order to secure your funds, we recommend you to find a broker with European Union or Australian regulations. Not just because they are nicer, but simply because their regulations are strict and guarantee you the proper handling of your hard earned money. Here you can learn more about choosing the right broker and some recommendations.

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